Dr. Anna Schnauber-Stockmann

05/2016: Dr. phil. in Communication Research. Title
of the dissertation: "Medienselektion im Alltag.
Die Rolle von Gewohnheiten im Selektionsprozess".

Since 08/2010: Member of the research team of Prof. Daschmann at the department of communication, University of Mainz.

01/2008 – 06/2010: Consultant international and consumer research, IFAK institute (Taunusstein).

10/2007: Graduation (M.A.). Master thesis: „States or Traits? Factors influencing the willingness to participate in telephone surveys“.

02/2004 - 10/2007: Assistant at forum! Marktforschung (Mainz).

04/2003 - 08/2006: Statistics tutor, department of communication, University of Mainz.

10/2002 - 10/2007: Master’s program (communication research, law, and politics), University of Mainz.

Research areas

  • Media reception (esp. media habits)
  • Media effects (e.g., cultivation research)
  • Computer-mediated communication (esp. cyberbullying, mobile communication)
  • Quantitative research methods


  • Best Proposal Award 2017 of the DGPuK division Methods (Presentation: "Modellierung von Dynamiken mittels latenter Wachstumskurvenmodelle: eine methodische Erweiterung am Beispiel der Mediennutzung", with Frank Mangold)
  • Research grant from the "Friends of the University of Mainz" for an outstanding dissertation (2017)
  • Award for the best dissertation on media convergence, Research Center on Media Convergence, University of Mainz (2016)
  • Top Student Paper Award 2013 of ICA’s Mass Communication Division (Paper: "Media Habits: The Core of Media Repertoires"; with Cornelia Wolf)
  • Poster Award 2013 at the 15th General Online Research Conference (GOR) (Poster: "Measuring Media Habits in a Self-Administered Online Questionnaire"; with Teresa K. Naab)
  • alumni thesis-award granted by the alumni foundation, 2008
  • "Master thesis of the year 2008" granted by the department of communication, University of Mainz

Activities and Roles

Since 02/2019: spokesperson of the division Media Reception and Effects of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) (with Frank Mangold)

09/2013 – 08/2015: spokesperson of the young academics‘ group NaRezFo (with Christine E. Meltzer and Julia Niemann)

Member of the organizing team (with Christine E. Meltzer and Philipp Müller) of the annual conference of the Media Reception and Effects devision of the German Communication Association (DGPuK) (Mainz; January/February 2019)

Member of the organizing team of the 58th annual conference of DGPuK (Mainz; May, 2013)

Member of the organizing team (with Melanie Magin, Stefan Geiß, Philipp Weichselbaum and Sven Engesser) of the first DGPuK young academics conference (Mainz; September, 2012)

Reviewer for "Journal of Communication", "Media Psychology", "Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking", "New Media & Society", "Mass Communication & Society", "Mobile Media & Communication", "Psychology of Popular Media Culture", "Annals of the International Communication Association", "International Journal of Communication", and "Medien & Kommunikationswissenschaft"